Similar to any technologies, mobile apps also go through evolution. It changes over time as other things around it change as well. From simple appearance and limited functions, apps now become a place where many people rely on. From game apps to banking apps, we have evolved so much with our involvement with mobile apps. Almost everything now can be done using mobile apps. Even paying for your mortgage, checking your heartbeat, and such. Every year developers would come up with new ways and styles to attract consumer’s attention. It is what makes your app stand out and that is very important. People are always interested to see how far a mobile app goes and it can be a very fun process for developers to experiment with the available tools to create mobile apps that are extraordinary. In the year 2020, these are the top three emerging trends that are currently circling the mobile app development world. 

1 – Artificial Intelligence and Machine

Artificial Intelligence is widely used now in mobile apps. Although it is not relatively new in the technology world, it is something that many apply to mobile apps. For example, the app Replika: My AI Friend, it is an app that uses artificial intelligence to become someone’s companion. In the app, you can chat with the AI and you can even make video calls to it. The AI would analyze the pattern of your chats and through that, it would come up with answers and moods that best suit you. It can even alert authorities if through the chat, you, the human, show signs of aggressiveness or confesses a crime to the AI. It is aimed at making people trust and rely on AI. Artificial Intelligence will continue to grow in the future, and it is estimated that the market will reach $40 billion by this year. It is a huge market that developers can never ignore. 

2 – Wearable Apps

Wearable technology is considered quite recent. It is seeing a constant increase in the number of developers adopting it. It is predicted that the number of wearable devices will increase to 929 million by next year. It will eventually become an important part of everyday life as more and more companies are adopting it into their products. The small size but vast functionality is what makes wearable technology so charming. You can do so much on it and it weighs less than a 100 gram. Due to the increase in the number of people opting for wearable devices, it is expected of app developers to focus on developing apps for this side of the technology. Although many still prefer mobile phones, for now, it would not be a surprise for people to eventually turn to wearable technology once there is a rise in sophisticated apps available there. 

3 – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality 

This technology is consistently on the rise for the past few years. Many games now are adopting this method and it is an evolution. There will be more popular in the year 2020 and people would be able to experience virtual reality and augmented reality even through their phone. The trends have indicated that VR and AR are now being used in many other situations. App developers are expected to create stunning VR and AR oriented apps with better and suitable hardware. Through this, you can expect only growth for this trend onwards. 

There are so many more trends emerging for mobile app development this year, but all cannot be listed here. Mobile app development has taken a change for the better over the years and as these trends come to the surface, expect more positive changes to come. Right now, the world of mobile app development is very bright so be sure not to miss your chance in this industry. You can do that by developing your own mobile app through the best Malaysia mobile app developers in KL. By clicking here, you can learn something new and interesting.