The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the crucial importance of unlimited internet service for citizens around the world. It is, in fact, the only effective way to keep track of ongoing company projects and it is also the only solution to ensure educational continuity with the closure of schools. Unlimited internet access is, at this time, absolutely essential. You can check out Time internet Malaysia today and have the best deals done there.

Using the optical Fibre

With optical fiber it is possible to reach much higher speeds. It is possible to download up to 50 or 100 Mega, but some operators offer speeds of up to 200, 300, 500 or even 1,000 Mega in certain areas (TIM, but only in very few homes reached by FTTH fiber). Always with the optical fiber it is possible to have an upload speed up to 10 or 20 Mega.

Post-Covid 19 situations

Thus, since the time Covid-19 started to overwhelm our lives, the world has gone to the internet. In any case, this abrupt move to separate learning, related to the abbreviation DAD, to work at home and family imprisonment, has likewise viably transformed into an expansion sought after for web-based streaming. In practice, we are witnessing an increasingly strong increase in traffic on the network, to the point that, from many quarters, there are questions as to whether the internet can withstand the pressure of such rapid traffic growth. Certainly, a question that, until only recently, was difficult to raise.

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The Right Steps

Faced with the spectre of millions of people who surf the web every day for the most disparate reasons, it is more than normal that we can ask ourselves if all this could create a catastrophic degradation of the internet. However, despite the mandatory containment measures imposed by governments that force people to stay in their homes, the internet seems to have been able to absorb such massive use of multiple application platforms. So, despite greater use of this indispensable tool, the internet continues to be usable by everyone.


In essence, what may have appeared to be some sort of online gambling was currently won by the internet. Therefore, thanks to the internet, many companies have been able to give their employees the opportunity, through teleworking, to be able to continue working from home in complete safety.