Whenever one thinks about social media platforms, one usually thinks of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a variety of other platforms. There are indeed a plethora of social media applications available, and millions around the world use them all the time.  Without a doubt, numerous people of earlier generations believe that social media is indeed a negative idea. Nevertheless, in today’s world, it has evolved into what people participate in their everyday lives, rather than only for entertainment.

However, in present days, social media is used for so much more than just entertainment purposes. Probably the most obvious is that businesses, both big and small are utilising social media to aid in their businesses. They go through the works of digital marketing through the use of companies like Republic that use search engine optimizations to market themselves. So before we look into how social helps improve search engine optimization (SEO), we must understand what SEO is.  

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a tool used by professional digital marketers to help market a certain product, service or company. Its main objective is to ensure that you are able to find what you are looking for through the simplest of means. SEO prioritises customising searchers so that you will be able to find specific information more accurately. So how does social media come in? 

Social media is also a tool used by digital marketers. These professionals use social media as a means to improve SEO and help people find what they are looking for. There are some ways in which this is done.

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Content Distribution

Social media is used indirectly in a manner of which even we are unaware. For instance, say an article or blog is read and favoured by one. He or she may wish to share the article by posting it on social media. This helps as the more you share, the larger the reach of the audience. This is what we call content distribution, in which the articles are distributed and read by many people. An added bonus to this is that it increases the time of which an article stays ‘hot’. This means that it remains to be news for much longer than its usual lifespan, this, in turn, means more people would read it. 

Brand Awareness

By increasing the number of audiences the article reaches, social media is indirectly helping to create brand awareness. Brand awareness refers to when a business or company gains more awareness by which more and more people are aware of the company’s existence. This is important as the more aware of your company by others, the larger your customers, which in turn generate more profit. 

Improved SEO

Another use that one should be aware of is that social media helps improve the SEO of articles. This is done by collecting data created by social media users. By understanding what it is that users desire, digital marketers are able to customise their articles so that the information produced is tailored to your needs.