Employment means the reality of somebody being paid to work for an organization or association. In Malaysia, we are told every day in the newspaper and news on the television that our country is the country with the highest rate of unemployment. Most of the Malaysian who studied abroad usually choose to stay abroad to work and start their life there. This is because the currency in overseas are high and pay rate for the employment there is quite high which is one of the reasons why students who study abroad will choose to begin their life there. But for this article let’s put aside about people who already got a job with a stable income or even a stable life let’s focus more to the unemployed who have the effort to look for a job.

If you have no idea what to do in job hunting continue reading this article at least to get an idea on what you should and should not do in looking for permanent work to begin your life with. This will help the issue of employment in Malaysia. Also, will make you secure the job position that you want. Most of the candidates who desperately need a job they are willing to offer anything as long as they get hired and this is not a good action that should be done by someone who needed a job. They actually make the chances of getting the job become low. The following are the tips on how to get a job easily in Malaysia.

#1. Search for Relevant Job Opening

It can be understood why certain people let themselves choose and apply the work that is not related to what they have studied in universities or even what they would like to do. This happened because the economy that we are living with right now is making people desperately need a job. I mean like even the prime minister of our own country suggests the nation of its own country to do more than one job to actually lived in this country that’s how high the cost of living here. To be the truth, our cost of living is not that high but with the low pay rate that the employees get, makes the cost of living becomes unbearable. Unbearable feeling leads to desperate and our society actually works for about 9 hours per day and doing other part-time job makes the society become super tired, they don’t even get the chance to let their body rest.

Tips that you will get here is, focus on the job opening at the site such as, LinkedIn, Maukerja.my, Kerija and Jobstreet. When you are looking for a job make sure the job that you are looking or aiming for is related to your studies or past experience so that when the interviewer or the company that is looking forward to employing workers or you, will become more influenced to hire you. Next, pay attention to application deadline! Do not waste your time applying for the job with the expired deadline.

#2. Use Your Network

If you are in a hurry to get hired. This is one of the best ways that you can have in mind. Growing up with friends, family members, or even your uncle and aunty and closed to them will actually give you a lot of benefits. As for example, if you are looking for a job they have the link to anywhere you want to go.

They have seen much and have more friends that own a company. With their connection somehow can help you get hired faster than you can imagine. Like after a day you tell them you need a job they will do their thing by contacting their old friends to get you on board. The next day you will usually already get a call from the company.

#3. Don’t Stop Applying for Jobs Even You Are Waiting to Hear Back from an Employer

Most occupation searchers are dismissed by more than 15 employers before finding a vocation. It’s true that with all the rejection it somehow leads you to demotivate to go for another interview or apply another new form of the job application. To be frank it is a tiring process where after the rejection you have to repeat the whole thing from scratch again. Gain from your mix-ups and continue applying until you get the correct offer. Most dire outcome imaginable, you’ll be juggling numerous employment bids. That is something to be thankful for. Well, there is a quote that sounds like “people who work hard will always get what they want”.

#4. Be Precise On Your Resume

We all know that resume is one of the things that play a “serious” important role when applying for a job before we are invited to the face to face or online interview. What you wrote on the resume are portraying you without your presence.

When creating or writing one you should sort out the important information first such as put a proper and decent picture, introduce yourself in the “about me” section. When it comes to the experience part, do fill up only the important, the best one for the position. Make sure the experience is related to the position that you are applying. With the right experience it will help you nailed the interview easily. Hopefully.

#5. Pay Attention to the Interviewer

Going for an interview is a nerve-wracking experience to everyone but you need to stay focus because once you enter the interview room seeing the unusual faces makes you want to throw up but take a deep breath. As usual, while promoting and telling good things about you, you need to multitask by understanding and get into the same mind or topic as the interviewer. By doing that, you are showing them how you easily get comfortable with the company and have the same thinking like them. Create a topic that you guys can talk about. The interviewer is human too which means they have things that they are interested in.

#6. Do The Follow-Up

We all have to admit that waiting is a tiring process. Do some follow up after applying or after an interview. We all have gone through this situation. Waiting for the reply from the company feels like forever. Even it is a rejection we just want the email to arrive earlier than it should be. It feels like if the pain wants to come, let it come faster even it is a form of rejection. So, when is the right time for the follow-up? Since some companies are very hectic, they have a lot of things to do. They might forget or don’t have time to check the email. Call them directly but do not spam their phones. Just call them once or twice a day and make sure it is not their lunchtime. Lunchtime there’s no one at the office. The right time will be around 10 in the morning where they are about to start their day.

That is some of the tips on how to not waste time waiting for the job that is not for you. Make sure you are the type that is not easily giving up to get the best for your life. Good luck in applying and getting your dream job.