From making dining tables to accessories to properties like an apartment and a condominium, glass is the material of all use. Before learning how to create glass, people relied on naturally occurring glass, particularly obsidian. History says that an ancient Roman claimed that the first glass was created in Syria by Phoenician traders. That is around 5000BC. However, archaeological evidence suggests that the first man-made glass was manufactured around 3500BC in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt while the first glass vessels were made around 1500BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia. 300 years later, here we are with all its capabilities are being used thanks to human creativity. 

Selangor glass partition installation

There are so many companies in Malaysia that specialize in glass. Introducing, Hufcor Glass Specialist, one of the best glass partitions installation in Selangor. Hufcor Inc. is a global industry leader and the preferred partner for the world’s most widely installed operable partition brand. They are known for their experience in serving Malaysia’s best needs operable partition. Through their service, you will be served with meticulous and flawless installations. 

Hufcor Glass Specialist ensures a high quality of services in setting up the best glass office partitions in Malaysia according to any given requirements as they are the best glass partition wall manufacturer in Malaysia. They will cover everything from the largest convention centers and entertainment stadiums to schools, universities, restaurants, hotels, airports, commercial fit-outs, anything. Hufcor Glass Specialist is more than just an industry-leading producer. They also offer expertise in consultants, designers, project managers, installers, service, and every type of support professionals for every customer. 

Hufcor Glass Specialist has its own global chain. It is very headquartered is in Janesville, Wisconsin. There they manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia/Pacific. Hufcor, Inc offers and distributes its products throughout the world through Hufcor Sales Offices and Hufcor Authorised Distributors. Not to mention its chain in the China region, at Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and also in Victoria, Australia. 

The secret behind Hufcor Glass Specialist is the workers. They believe in creating a great working environment for our workers. They also prioritizing customer service and emphasizing the significance of a healthy work-life balance. It is an environment where everyone is encouraged to interact and work as a team. As a global company, they employ people from all over the world who, through their diverse knowledge, experience, and expertise. Hufcor Glass Specialist helps them contribute to the path of success every day. 

They are ready to help with any new projects, services, and design consultation. What sets them apart from others is their way of providing solutions that fit the industry’s most adjustable sight and sound separation. Along the way, allowing users of our products to maximize customer experience. Hufcor Glass Specialist has a range of products from operable partition and glass walls. Those are like HF Hibryd-Flex Series, Summit Verticle, GF and GL Series, and Protective Partitions. The downloads for these are also available. When it comes to finishes, they specialize in fabrics, high-pressure laminate, glass, and melamine.  Hufcor Glass Specialist is the partner you are looking for, and more importantly, the only partner in glass specialist you ever need.