Addiction is hereditary. Believe it or not, some of us are more likely to easily get addicted than others. Our addictive nature may come from our parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents. The dominant nature of genes that promote addictiveness in our behavior needs to be controlled with the stimulants in our environment. This is because both our biological components are known as DNA and genes as well as the environmental factors play a major role in how addicted we are to casino malaysia

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If you know your family members suffer from the addictive disease, with an addiction to an online game, or to a substance, or even to any other form of activity, it is important to keep in mind that you are susceptible to addictiveness as well. This is why when choosing to engage in addictive games such as online casino games, we may need to think twice. The environment is filled with enablers that pursue our money. Even though we know we have no way of winning our money back with online casino games, we somehow place all our bets and money on the ground. Only to lose all of it. This is our hard-earned money that goes into the pockets of rich entrepreneurs who lure addicted individuals into casinos.

However, this does not mean all casinos are inherently bad for us. It is only a matter of being aware of our addictive behavior and nature. Many people who understand their addictions and the nature of addiction stay away from things that may possibly tempt them. These people have seen their parents and spouses become addicted to things they love, only to never break away from it. Many use their addictive nature into pursuing something else that is good for them. Some channel it with exercise and others do it with moderated use of online games. 

Despite understanding our addictions, big companies have managed to reel those who are susceptible to addiction into their online game dens and casinos. Their business model is not made for those who are willing to control their addiction but it is for those who are already addicted and are closeted gamblers. They use promotions, virtual gimmicks, and other casino tricks and tips to keep people going on longer in the game. With the promise of money and the rush of dopamine, it’s a dangerous mix for the individual. And businesses profit off from the mix. 

Many casinos have gone out of their way to continue enabling addicted individuals. They call it taking care of their most beloved customers, while society calls them predators. Customers are lured in with the fancy extravagant packages made by casino companies and their VIP lounges that give the addicted individuals a feeling of acceptance. Psychology gets played in the marketing of casinos as more and more individuals get trapped in the “perks”. 

The world may not need to take a closer look at the rules and regulations of online casino websites as well as physical casino establishments that enable addicted behavior. Business models need to change in order to make a change in the world.