Tips & Tricks for Cooking with Stainless Steel Cookware

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“A carpenter is only as good as his tools,” according to an ancient saying, and the same may be true for the home chef. The inherent value of your stainless steel pots and pans is also worth preserving because of their craftsmanship. The ease and taste of your culinary endeavors are directly related to the quality of your kitchen’s stainless steel cookware and other items.

If you can believe it, the way you use your range top cookware may have a major impact on the flavor of your meal and on the longevity of your cookware. Your 360 Cookware may be used for years to come with the aid of these tips and tricks, which will ensure that your stainless steel pots continue to operate flawlessly and remain beautiful.

Professional chefs and home cooks alike choose stainless steel pots and pans for their superior quality, consistency, and long-term use. For those who recently made the move from non-stick or updated their cookware from substandard replicas, the cooking methods are a little bit more complicated. Some basic guidelines, on the other hand, may save your stainless steel pots from being damaged or destroyed throughout the cooking process. When you buy stainless steel cookware Malaysia you can have all the best choices.

Keep the burner temperature at medium or lower

This is the most crucial rule to remember while working with stainless steel cookware. Temperatures ranging from moderate to low are ideal for prepping any dish since finely tempered steel distributes heat so well. It’s possible that using the pan at higher temperatures can result in discoloration, which will eventually damage the finish.

Unless otherwise noted in the recipe, preheating the pan is always the first step

buy stainless steel cookware Malaysia

As a result, the temperature in your stainless steel pans, which you can then use to cook other items, will remain consistent, which is a need for searing meats.

Don’t waste your hard-earned cash

As a result, this piece of advice may very well be at the top of your to-do list for you. There is a price for everything. In the long run, investing in high-quality cookware will save you money since it will not only cook your meals beautifully, but it will also last a lifetime. Stainless steel pots may appear pricey at first, but when you realize that they will not only cook your food perfectly, but they will also last you a lifetime, the price is worth it.

Making sauces is a common kitchen task

Stainless steel pans are perfect for both searing types of meat and making delicious sauces. Keep the meat in the pan until the fluids have been released; this will assist lock in the liquids and provide the “browning” necessary to make tasty sauces and gravies. Adding cold liquids to the hot roux will ensure that the finished product has a satin-like texture.

Use utensils that are not abrasive

In spite of its ability to tolerate metal whisks and spoons, the surface of your stainless steel pot is nevertheless susceptible to scratches. Using heat-resistant silicone spatulas and other tools may help you prevent this. You can quickly restore the stainless steel’s brightness by using a stainless steel cleaner or a simple mixture of baking soda and water if any scratches occur.…

Types of pregnancy safe face washes

pregnancy safe face wash Malaysia

The first step to prevent pregnancy is to be aware of the different types of pregnancy safe face washes available and the ingredients that are used in them. Here are some of the most common types; Oil-free facial wash do not contain any type of oil, which is thought to be a barrier against bacteria. They are also gentle enough for everyday use. Glycolic acid facial wash is rich in glycolic acid, which helps exfoliate the skin and remove dirt, dead cells, and oils. It is also known to be effective in treating acne. pH-balanced facial  washes are designed to maintain a neutral or slightly alkaline pH level on the skin, which helps protect it from excessive inflammation and damage from external factors like pollution and sun exposure.

There are many types of pregnancy safe face washes available in the market today. Here are some of the most popular types: Glycerin-Free Face Wash is free from glycerin, which is a common ingredient in many facial washes. Glycerin is a natural moisturizer, but it can also cause skin dryness and irritation.  Many oil-free washes contain hydrolyzed collagen, which is a type of protein that helps to keep skin hydrated and smooth. Hydrolyzed collagen is Generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it’s safe to use during pregnancy. Soap-free washes are another good option if you’re pregnant because they don’t contain any harsh chemicals or oils. Some soap-free washes also contain natural ingredients like witch hazel or tea tree oil, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Soap-free washes are not safe to use while breastfeeding, however, because they might irritate your skin or cause a rash.

How to buy a pregnancy safe face wash?

pregnancy safe face wash Malaysia

When it comes to taking care of yourself during your pregnancy, it is important to use products that are safe for both you and your baby. One way to prevent unintended pregnancy is by using a pregnancy safe face wash. There are many options available on the market, so it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.  Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect pregnancy safe face wash Malaysia; First and foremost, make sure that the product is free from harmful chemicals. Many face washes contain chemicals that may harm your baby. Next, look for a product that is gentle enough for everyday use. Many face washes are designed specifically for pregnant women, but some are also suitable for other skin types. Finally, make sure that the product has been proven to be safe for use during pregnancy. 

Many manufacturers provide safety data sheets with their products, so be sure to read them carefully before making a purchase. There are many products that claim to be pregnancy safe, but it can be hard to know which one to buy. Here are some tips on how to buy a pregnancy safe face wash; First and foremost, make sure the face wash is made with natural ingredients. Many of the harmful chemicals found in most commercial face washes are not suitable for pregnant women or children.  Choose a product that has been tested for safety. Some manufacturers offer free trials of their products, so be sure to ask if this is available before making a purchase. …

Secret Cherry

Hottest Sex Toys In The Market

Secret Cherry

Market is a place of wonders. We can find many sorts of things from the marketplace. Next, what do you know about the market? Have you ever been to a market before? Generally, a market is a place where people can come together to buy and sell things. Besides that, buyers and sellers are usually in the picture. There are many types of market out there. Additionally, markets can be very different from one another because of a lot of different things. However, nobody is talking about the hottest sex toys in the market. There are many reviews on other things yet when it comes to sex toys we can hardly find it on the webs.

The Satisfyer 2 Pro Next Generation

Firstly, The Satisfyer 2 Pro Next Generation is currently among the hottest sex toys one could have. In addition, no other vibrator can compare to the Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s not a vibrator, in the strictest sense of the word. Instead, air waves are sucked through a nozzle, providing amazing stimulations on the clitoral region. That’s why it was praised by numerous reviewers for delivering orgasms that they had never experienced. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a must-have for a refreshing clit delight because it has been tested and proven groundbreaking. Moreover, there are even more comparisons between the Pro 2’s silicone nozzle’s texture and that of the Womanizer’s toys, which are known for their hard edges, according to some reviewers. This vibrator toy ranks 33 out of 123 vibrators worldwide.

Secret Cherry

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

Next, nothing more satisfying than a gentle clitoral stimulator Lelo Sona 2 Cruise. In the last decade, Sona 2 Cruise has taken a major leap forward in pleasure thanks to its use of SenSonic technology, which reaches more of the clitoris than ever. According to customer reviews of the LELO Sona 2 Cruise on Amazon, the clitoral massager “can do its job in as little as 10 seconds,” has made people “squirt for the first time,” and has caused climaxes so intense that people have fallen “off the bed” after using it. This Sona 2 become one of sex toys massive hits. Without a doubt, there is evidence to support the glowing customer ratings and opulent pricing. Its innovative technology, which ensures continual intensity, contributes to the LELO Sona 2’s distinction as a market offering in its category. Alternatively, you might say intensity on cruise control. 

We Vibe Moxie

Lastly, We Vibe Moxie offers a pleasure unlike no others. Hmm…what is We Vibe Moxie? Great question! We Vibe Moxie is a panty clitoral stimulator that may be worn around the waist. The device is equipped with a specific magnetic clip that almost eliminates the possibility of the device shifting or detaching from underpants while in use. To add, the device is created by taking into account all of the characteristics of a woman’s physical physique. According to Stephanie Keating, marketing manager at We-Vibe, “Moxie is for couples looking for an adventure outside of the bedroom—those who may want to add some excitement to date night, a dinner out, dog walks, or a boring meeting.” She also makes the following observation: “Couples who participated in Moxie user trials expressed delight at the prospect of having their partner in command while also keeping a little secret between the two of them. Furthermore, 88 percent of participants stated that they had a positive experience with the programme “”I’ve got moxie.” Hence, we can infer Moxie is a hit among couple users. Visit Secret Cherry.…

online banking account for fresh grads in Malaysia

Why Do You Need Your Own Bank Account?

Money is an essential commodity that one should have in the world. In today’s society there’s almost nothing you can’t do without money. So, it is imperative that you work and generate income, in order to live among other individuals. 

 online banking account for fresh grads in Malaysia

First things first, you need to store your income somewhere. That’s where bank accounts come in. Bank accounts were made so that you could store your money in large amounts without losing them. You will be able to access this bank account through the bank you registered it with. Banks are authoritative parties that hold you income, while you generate and spend it. 

However, those are not the only benefits of banks. For instance, banks allow you to increase your savings without generating income. Yes, you heard that right. Banking systems will increase the amount by a certain percentage if you follow their guidelines, and keep the money long enough in your bank. 

Here are a few other reasons you should own your own online bank account.

To receive income 

As mentioned before, you need a bank account to receive your work paychecks. Having a bank account will allow your employer to trust you with a job. It illustrates that if the bank trusts you, then the employer does too. If you fail to have a bank account registered under your name, you might be less trustworthy. 

Other than that, it is a place where you can safely store your income. If you decide to receive your income in cash, you will be vulnerable from all sides. That cash could be targeted by robbers at night, or it could get lost during a natural disaster. So, to avoid all that you need to ensure that your funds are in check.

 online banking account for fresh grads in Malaysia

Easy access

Online bank accounts provide easy access to their owners. In the past, people had to own bank books to keep track of their funds. It was a hard way to do it, plus you could easily lose it. However, with the advancement of technology, you can now access it with an electronic device that is connected to Wi-Fi. You will be able to track your spending, and savings through the online account. This said account can only be accessed with a username and password that only you and the bank knows. 


Since it is easily accessible, it is also convenient. For instance, you could transfer money easily without having to go to the bank. You would not have to stand in a long and tiring queue, and you would not need to deal with any staff. Although some large transfers would need to be processed longer than usual, it is still a better alternative to waiting in line. 

So, if you are interested in owning your own bank account, or even owning another, go ahead. If you are someone who is new to the workforce such as a fresh graduate, it would be best to open a bank account before you head out into the world. Check out online banking account for fresh grads in Malaysia for reliable information about bank accounts you could open. …

Buy An Adult Toy For Yourself

Sexual pleasure can be one most satisfying things a person can experience. It allows a person to feel a sort of high that is intense and gratifying. That is why every person should feel it at least once in their lives.

However, this may be impossible because society has viewed the act of pleasuring oneself as an unnecessary need. It is perceived as selfish, and sometimes even an immoral act. People rarely discuss masturbation openly, especially if they are from a conservative country.

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Countries hailing from the west of the world, tend to be more open-minded to these topics. They mention and discuss masturbation in their films, particularly if it is a comedic film. The only issue is that they discuss male masturbation more than female masturbation. But, in recent years, it is slowly changing as women are reclaiming their sexuality. 

Either way, masturbation is for all to enjoy, despite you gender or sexual orientation. Masturbation can be conducted through several ways. There’s the traditional way, where you can just use your hands – or another person’s hands. Then there’s the more spiced up version of it. After a while of traditional masturbation tactics, you can become bored. Well, do not fret because sex toys are here to save the day. 

Here a few reasons why you should buy a sex toy for yourself.

It will help you with understanding your body

Sometimes, we are often uncomfortable in the vessel we came in. We can be insecure of the folds, shape and size of our body. This can affect your mental and physical health in a very bad way. So, you should understand and love your body, so that someone can do so also. 

Using sex toys allow you to understand the aspect of your body that deals with desire. When you understand this part, you can slowly start your journey into the process of loving yourself. Other than that, sex toys can make you feel empowered. This allows you to feel more confident in your own skin. 

check out Secret Cherry sex toy online in Malaysia.

It will help you explore your sexuality

After you have come to terms to what your body needs and wants, you can start thinking about your sexuality. Your sexuality defines you as a person, whether in or out of the bed. It allows people to understand how you intend on identifying with the world.

Sex toys can facilitate the process. It allows you to try and feel what you like during your sessions. You can begin with sex toys, then move on to people who you find attractive. 

You will experience intense orgasms

Furthermore, in the most simplest of terms, sex toys bring intense orgasms. Who wouldn’t want that? After a long and hard day of work, experiencing an intense orgasm can let you release all the pent up stress. It just might be the trick that brings you peace and allows you to move onto the next day with ease. 

If you are interested in purchasing your very own adult toy, check out Secret Cherry sex toy online in Malaysia.…

Office Space for Rental in PJ

Office Space for Lease in PJ


Petaling Jaya, more commonly known as PJ, is a city in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. Situated in the Klang Valley, the city is surrounded by the metropolitan capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur, on the eastern side, Shah Alam on the western side, the district of Gombak on the northern side, and Puchong on the southern side. One of Malaysia’s oldest cities, Petaling Jaya served as the nation’s first ever satellite city. Over time the city expanded and gave way to commercial, residential, and recreational development. 

Office Space for Lease  in PJ

PJ and Recreation

Petaling Jaya is home to multiple malls. From Atria Shopping Gallery, Paradigm Mall, and Starling Mall to 1 Utama Shopping Centre and IKEA Damansara. Petaling Jaya boasts a strong mall culture where patrons can experience a variety of cultural imports in the form of food and other amenities. 

Petaling Jaya also offers a wide array of activities for the more active population of Malaysia with escape rooms, camp 5 climbing gym, trampoline parks, canyon paintballs, batting cages, ice skating rinks, scuba diving, and the Curve’s Kidzania. 

The Best of Both Worlds

The city is divided into two sections, Old Town Petaling Jaya and New Town Petaling Jaya. The old town has maintained its charm and picturesque perfection of that of an old city. It was, at a time, a hub of industrial development and played a major role in the advancement of the state of Selangor. It houses multiple residential developments and offers plenty of living space for budget conscious potential home owners.  The residential blocks of the city are spread over four sectors. Each of the sectors is widely made up of single storeyed, detached houses and bungalows. The olden part of the city is a preferred location for new homeowners who are looking for budget friendly homes because of the low prices offered on big houses in an established region of the state of Selangor. The low prices coupled with the amenities provided has made old Petaling Jaya a place that refuses to fade into oblivion. 

Office Space for Lease in PJ

PJ and Businesses

The new town of Petaling Jaya houses multiple government buildings including, but not limited to, Menara MBPJ, Bangunan (Persekutuan Petaling Jaya) the Federal Building of PJ which houses or used to house government offices such as the National Registration Department and a branch of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. Due to its established presence and proximity to multiple cities, Petaling Jaya is a preferred location for many offices and businesses. The proximity of many of the commercial towers to the PUTRA LRT station allows the towers to offer office space for lease in PJ that are close to public transport. These towers also offer fitted offices

Petaling Jaya is considered a hotbed of development and is highly sought after by many companies for permanent, physical office purposes. Aside from the rapid development and progress the area enjoys, Petaling Jaya is also home to a series of affordable residential properties allowing the workers of the commercial towers to live close. This makes the commute to and from work even more easy! To learn more about Petaling Jaya’s residential and commercial properties, visit the official website of PHB today!

Office Space for Lease in PJ
MSC offices are available for rent in Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya and MSC Office Rental.

Cyberjaya, a portmanteau of cyber and Putrajaya, is a Malaysian city with a scientific park at its heart. It is an important section of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor. It’s in the Selangor district of Sepang. Putrajaya, Malaysia’s government capital, is close to Cyberjaya, which is being constructed alongside it. This city hopes to be known as Malaysia’s Silicon Valley. On May 17, 1997, Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad held the ceremonial opening ceremony for Cyberjaya. Here many international corporations and data centers can be found. 

Public Facilities

Cyberjaya, as a new township, now has a police station and a fire station (Bomba). A small recreational park near Multimedia University, the Cyberjaya Community Club, the Sports Arena (which offers outdoor sports facilities), bus shelters, pedestrian walkways and signalized pedestrian crossings at road junctions, and more than 700 parking bays are among the other public amenities that have been completed.

The Raja Haji Fisabilillah Mosque is the main mosque in Cyberjaya, and the Cyber10 Mosque is a newly built mosque in the Masreca19 district.

Recreational Facilities

The 400-acre Cyberjaya Lake Gardens serves as the city’s “green lung.” A total of 86 acres of land have been created, including a Visitor’s Information Centre, Boardwalk, Look-Out Tower, children’s playground, 15 acres of main lake, and 29 acres of natural and marsh. The Lake Gardens is becoming increasingly popular among the locals. Thousands of people have visited this lake for a variety of community events, including fishing tournaments. The Cyberjaya 50th Merdeka Carnival Celebration gathered over 4,000 anglers in September 2007, and the Malaysia Book of Records recognized it as the world’s largest fishing tournament.

The mini-park next to the Multimedia University, the 3.5-kilometer promenade area next to the Putrajaya Lake, and the Sports Arena, which has more than 360 free parking bays, 1 basketball court, 1 tennis court, 2 futsal courts, a football field, and a small food court, are among the other outdoor recreational facilities.

Cyberview’s Cyberjaya Community Club contains two futsal courts, two badminton courts, a gymnasium, and two squash courts; both indoor and outdoor recreational amenities include a basketball court, two tennis courts, a swimming pool, a go-kart circuit, and a golf driving range.

Office and Commercial Facilities

Many enterprises that are eligible for MSC subsidies have migrated to Cyberjaya. Huawei, T-Systems, Dell, HP, DHL, Satyam, Wipro, HSBC, Ericsson, Motorola, OCBC, BMW, IBM, Shell IT,, Vivanova Systems, the Anti Money Laundering Network Response Centre, and others are among them. Over 500 MSC Status companies have established operations in the township, making it a fast expanding sector.

Several government institutions, including the Malaysian Department of Public Services, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Human Resources, and Sepang Municipal Council, now call Cyberjaya home.

Due to the nature of the Cyberjaya and its overall appeal based on the amenities, many companies have started to relocate to Cyberjaya. Most of these companies, however, cannot afford to buy the office space and instead rent offices. Some of these commercial towers hold the status of MSC. Cyberjaya is one of the few areas in Malaysia to have a high density of  MSC towers. These MSC offices are available for rent in Cyberjaya. To find out more about MSC offices in Cyberjaya, visit PHB today! 

The MIT Blackjack Team

As we all are aware of, getting in a casino and playing all sorts of games like gambling or even slot machine online malaysia, the house always wins whatever the chances are.

However, what happens when a group of Harvard graduate students band together to overcome the edge using various technical skills and knowledge to scam their way out to millions of dollars? This MIT Blackjack Team has inspired many card counters around the world in hope to be as successful as they are.

For more than a decade, this group of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has proven to everyone that you could win over the house edge that made the casinos feel restless.

Along the years, they came up with a card counting method, practising it until they’ve known it like it’s their back of the hand and continue to gain multiple winnings from the casinos.

It first started when they grouped together in the 80’s where this group of students from MIT had taught themselves a card-counting technique and tried it out at a brick and mortar casino. 

After several wins and big losses and not so much of funding, they decided to join hands with Bill Kaplan who was a Harvard graduate who had the passion to become a professional gambler. Once they were all acquainted with one another, Kaplan chose to standardize all of their card counting methods to Edward Thorp’s high-low counting system which was inspired by his book ‘How To Beat The Dealer’. 

Now that Kaplan has trained and managed them while whipping them into shape to take on the casinos, he decided to expand his ‘business’ and tried to scout more members to join them. 

Most of the time, members are recruited through filling of forms and word of mouth around MIT while Massar was continuously scouting members at MIT, Harvard and nearby colleges. However, potential members are carefully screened in order to join the official team.

They had to get into a process called ‘trial by fire’  whereby they had to play through eight six-decks shoes games with almost perfect scores. As the method was paying off the number of the members grew even more with the standardized method.

In order to master and use this method in a game, 3 different types of player which consists of a spotter, a controller and a big player is needed. Based on his or her count, the spotter is supposed to decide if the deck is positive while also working along with the controller to corroborate and routinely betting small bets to keep their spot on the table.

Once they mutually agree on the positive stance of the deck, the big player would get a signal to take advantage of the hand in hopes of winning a large sum of money.

In addition to Kaplan constantly monitoring the member’s progress over the years, they have managed to remain strong and have consistently added new members and also made tons of money. 

It has been said that every trip they took to a casino in Las Vegas, they would bring in an estimated amount of $100,000 and scarcely up till more than $1,000,000.

Polish up your card counting skill by signing up here. You can also check out the best online live casino malaysia or Regal88 for endless entertainment.

For more tips, tricks and information on casinos, you have to come visit our websites and read our articles here!…