Back To Basics


Wah wah wah. hari ini bangun tido je mak cakap, adik keje ke? Johor menang bola semalam. Terus mata segor, cepat-cepat kami whatsapp.  Finally cuti, dan sebab tu jugaklah perlu blog ni ber-update di hari biasa bukan hujung minggu.  Tapi kesian budak sorang tuh kena kerja. Gahahahaha.  Okay, berbalik pada tajuk entry, back to basics, rasa macam nak update dalam BI. Tak guna weh aku blajo BI dari tadika sampai degree kalo tak practice! Ekekekeke.
*Ehem ehem
My age now 20 ++. So, is that the sign for me to start think something that I never consider to do? hikkss. Macam segan pulak. Okay, currently I am thinking to build my future.  That means in terms of career, what will I be within 10 years from now?. My life, what is the most memorable things will be ? that I won’t never forget it? So, starting from now, I have my own plan (together with my twin).  At least at the end of this year (shall be in october, so it can be our personal-gift to ourselves) it will be come true. Seriously, can’t wait !!! In Sha Allah.
Anyway, while I’m busy planning for my future, some times we have to appreciate the current things like, people that currently around us, my family and friends.  Don’t be yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran.  Because, success can be influence by them! Who knows?? And I do believe in respecting people. Mom always remind us, whatever happened, where ever you go, don’t loose your respect. Otherwise, you’ll regret forever because people can forgive you, but they cannot forget what you did. Exactly! Agreed???
Actually my work life quite challenging in terms of personality. It means, the way or you yourself. As a Malay I never think to work together with other races.  But, I think it’s not bad.  Good for me.  Some times I do feel like geramnyaaaaaa dengan dia, but at the end I learnt from mistakes.  I learnt from watching. I learnt from others.  And I’m not kind of girl that will compaint each of everything to my boss.  For me, sakit hati macam mana sekali pun, geram macam mana sekali pon, or how bad your feelings like nak pergi kerja pun really malas, I won’t tell.  I do believe that I have to be independent.  Even though if there is person who secretly tell to my boss, it’s his/her part.  My part is just let it go and move on.  If I keep, I will get headache.  Good to have a boss that will ask how’s everything? Is everything ok? It is good.  But, doesn’t mean I have to tell everything. Correct??

So, if I have certain issues that is not relate to my works, it will keep inside.  Anything happened, I believe, Allah Maha Mengetahui.  So, here I go.  Just back to basics. It means, back to religion.  My teacher, remind us what ever you want do, if you hold your religion to the highest ranking, you will safe.  In Sha Allah. So, when I have some issues, yes, crying is my best way to relief (even though not good actually) but, you have to believe everything happen for a reason, and  give time some times to heals everything.

Lastly, smile ! =)

Ahlan wah sahlan, Ramadhan ! Salam Ramadhan to all Muslimin and Muslimah in the world!